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Founded in 1834 by Quakers, Westfield was nevertheless not incorporated as a city until the year 2008. The community can still point to an impressive and interesting history, because of its involvement during the Civil War with the underground railroad in Westfield. It has been documented that many buildings still extant in Westfield were sites, or “stations” along the Underground Railroad, and the town takes pains to make sure this heritage is maintained.

Recently, the old Fire Station was usurped and renovated by the Westfield Washington Historical Society and Museum to be its home and the receptacle of historical memorabilia.

The town of Westfield has an urban population of about 9,000 and a rural population of about 175. There are presently around 4,000 houses in town, and just under a third of them are occupied by renters. In 2007, the median rental went for about $650 and the median asking price for a house was around $170,000.

Anyone relocating to this charming, family-oriented Midwest community will find a wide array of choices in housing and neighborhoods to live in.

For more information about Westfield, Indiana visit their website

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