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1.) The open concept continues to grow

Perhaps the most fundamental design shift in the past 25 years has been the open concept kitchen.  Previously, kitchens were one isolated room, typically in the back of the house.  This made entertaining next to impossible without already having all the prep work and cooking completed before your guests arrived.  Consequently, with the open concept idea, appliance designers are taking the next step by creating appliances that can seamlessly blend into the kitchen, which can them blend seamlessly into the family room.  Using different concepts such as the microwave drawer, Americans are trying to hide the most obvious parts of the kitchen.  

2.)  Neutral colors beat bright colors

Sandy and grey tones are very popular in the home.  Bold colors will now pop up in the form of light fixtures, throw pillows, or backsplashes.  There's also a trend towards subtle glamour- neutral palettes with dazzling details. 

3.)  Universal design makes its way into every room of the house

Universal design, a concept in which a space is designed with the aging users in mind, has been around since the 1960's, but has only recently taken off.  Americans want to know the home they already have can accomodate them as they age, instead of moving multiple times.  The design elements for this concept range from first floor master bedrooms, to substituting levers for knobs on doors.  Appliance drawers, such as dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens are becoming increasingly popular as well.  

4.)  Goodbye granite, hello quartz

As far as kitchen and bathroom countertops go, factory-engineered quartz is the new granite.  Quartz has the same look and feel as granite, but it's more practical.  Quartz is more durable, so it better resists cracking and chipping, and it is non-porous so it's easier to clean and resists staining.  

5.)  Enery efficient and water-saving appliances become standard

While the green trend may not be as hot as it was a few years ago, homeowners are still opting for new appliances where the energy and financial savings are readily apparent.  Touchless faucets have skyrocketed in popularity.  Homeowners have also abandoned big master tubs that are costly to fill for high-efficiency shower heads, toilets, and dishwashers.  

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