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1.)  Smarter, less costly automated controls

With lives continuing to be busy and automation costs coming down, it's become more affordable to control a home's systems- temperature, security, electronics, lighting, etc.- through a single device such as iPhone or iPad.  This can eliminate multiple controls and make it easy for home owners to manage things around their home, even when they aren't there.  The average family has more than 80 different devices that can be controlled with one system. 

2.)  Outdoor living rooms and screened porches

A trend that began a few years ago continues to inspire home owners to think beyond terraces and decks.  These spaces have more of the feeling and function of an indoor room- better furnishings, fire pits, curtains, TVs and audio systems.  Some spaces are designed as courtyards for greater privacy, yet with high-efficiency glass windows and doors to make them energy-smart and seamless with indoor rooms.

3.)  Outdoor kitchens

Interest continues in outdoor food preparation of all kinds- as simple as a grill and as elaborate as a built-in cook's station with sink, storage, beer tap, pizza oven, refrigerator, and countertops.  Newer amenities include a hybrid grill that permits cooking with both gas and wood or charcoal and prefabricated kitchens that save money. 

4.)  Themed designs

After years of stark contemporary design, themed decorating is making a comeback.  There are more home owners seeking European flair- think antique sconces and velvet pillows.  British-style motifs continue to proliferate, including Union Jack flags, hounds tooth, floral, and crown patterns. 

5.)  Media frenzy

With more families remaining home for "staycations" rather than traveling, rooms are being devoted to TV and other multimedia entertainment with more comfortable seating, tables, and good lighting.  They're designed to have a more "home-y" feel than media rooms of the past.

6.)  New neutrals and color pops

Neutrals are still more popular than vibrant hues, but neutrals now aren't the same whites, creams, and beiges that we were once used to seeing.  A blue-gray that works well with the range of popular bllues and the purples they've replaced are making inroads and offering a fresh background.  In contrast, bright new accents such as raspberry-pink may attract greater attention than a straightforward red.  There's also a range of yellows, which complement blue-grays. 

7.)  More double-duty furniture

With homes continuing to be scaled back and many baby boomers moving into condos, more furniture and furnishings nee to do double duty in smaller spaces.  Expect to see ottomans used for seating and storage, couches that convert to beds, and coffee tables that can rise for dining. 

8.)  Lighter looks

Smaller homes and spaces call for scaled-back pieces and better illumination that makes rooms look larger.  To achieve this, swap out large bookshelves for wall-mounted shelves, opt for tailored furniture over clunky items, and welcome natural light.

9.)  Green merchandise

Interest in sustainable products and materials keeps attracting attention- particularly when it comes to choosing paints, adhesives, countertops, and flooring.  Most furniture companies and paint manufacturers have at least one item or line that fits the green movement.  Large paint companies such as Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams and Glidden, offer zero-VOC or odor-free paints. 

10.)  Energy and water efficiency

Efforts to conserve energy and water throughout the home continue to be popular, including low-water toilets and sinks, better functioning furnaces, and improved insulation.  Solar panels are more integrated into roofs so they're less or an eyesore.  Gray recycled water can be used in toilets and to water gardens.

11.)  Panelized homes

More factory-built homes help to cut building costs at the site by reducing the amount of labor time needed in the field.  Besides cost savings, there's the ability to improve quality control.  It can cut the cost in half and construction time from a year to eight weeks.

12.)  Handcrafted elements

Many home owners desire hand-crafted artisanal pieces for a great personalized look.  Some are made from reclaimed rustic wood, which addes an inviting feeling.

13.)  Stylish kitchens and bathrooms

These remain at the top of many home owners' wish lists, as they reflect the trend of remodeling rather than adding on.  The transitional look, a middle ground between traditional and contemporary, has become more popular.  This is evidenced by choices such as cove rather than crown molding, dark-stained or painted finishes rather than nautral maple or cherry, and larger format 24"x24" tiles rather than smaller ones. 

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