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A local developer plans to build three single-family homes on a surface lot south of Mass Ave. in the Chatham Arch neighborhood.  While that may not sound unusual, the designs are.  It's something you may see in a Wrigleyville-type neighborhood in Chicago, or maybe a Georgetown out in D.C.  The vertical-style homes will be wider than a typical row house and will range in height from three to four stories with a loft level and rooftop patio.  Each residence will be equipped with an elevator and state-of-the-art techology regarding the functionality of the home.  Ross Reller, director of land services for Collier's International says, "The city wanted us to sell this for new development and not for new parking.  That's not what the city wants on the corner."  The design of the first home is conceptual, and the project still needs to be approved by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission.  The design will be more contemporary rather than a historic brick-and-limestone look.

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