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We've been very lucky with warm winter temperatures so far, but we're not out of the woods yet!  Sometimes January and February can bring our most fridged temps of the season.  Here are some helpful hints for keeping your home in top shape this winter!

-- Check and clean or replace furnace air filters each month during heating season

-- After consulting your hot water tank owner's manual, drain off a dishpan full of water from the clean-out valve at the bottom of your hot water tank to control sediment and maintain efficiency

-- Vacuum bathroom fan grille(s)

-- Clean humidifier two or three times during the winter season

-- Vacuum smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, as dust or spider webs can prevent them from functioning properly.  Check and replace batteries as necessary.

-- Vacuum radiator grilles on back or front of refrigerators and freezers, and empty and clean drip trays

-- Check gauge on all fire extinguishers; recharge or replace if necessary

-- Check fire escape routes, door and window locks and hardware, and lighting around outside of house; ensure family has good security habits

-- Monitor your home for excessive moisture levels.  For example, condensation on your windows, pipes in basement or crawlspace.  Moisture is the number one culprit of damage to homes here in the midwest.  Your goal should always be to keep moisture away from your home.

-- Check all faucets for signs of dripping and change washers as needed

-- If you have a plumbing fixture that is not used frequently, such as a laundry tub or spare bathroom sink, run some water briefly to keep water in the trap

-- Clean drains in dishwasher, sinks, bathtubs and shower stalls

-- Test plumbing shut-off valves to ensure they are working and to prevent them from seizing

-- Examine windows and doors for ice accumulation or cold air leaks.  If found, make note to repair or replace units or weather stripping in the spring

-- Examine attic for frost accumulation.  Check roof for ice dams or icicles.  If there is excessive frost or staining of the underside of the roof, or ice dams on the roof surface, consult a qualified roofing contractor immediately.

-- Check electrical cords, plugs and outlets for all indoor and outdoor seasonal lights to ensure fire safety: if worn, or if plugs or cords feel warm to the touch, replace immediately.


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