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With fall just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about protecting your home and lawn for winter.  After one of the hottest summers in decades, it's safe to say everybody is excited about cooler weather the next few months.  With these tips, your home will be just as ready for fall as we are!

  • Repair leaky faucets:  Examine all faucets for leaks in the kitchen, utility room and baths.  You'll spend a lot less time and money making these small repairs now than a broken pipe in the middle of winter!
  • Prep your fireplace:  Make sure your fireplace is rid of old ashes and ensure the damper is open to allow air to vent freely to the outside.  Be sure to close the damper when not in use so critters and cold air don't make their way down your chimney! 
  • Check for drafts:  Try inserting a dollar bill in the gaps around your windows and doors.  If you can do it, then you can see exactly where your money's going- out the window, due to energy loss!  Some inexpensive ways to fix small drafts include caulking, adding insulating strips or plastic sheeting. 
  • Take care of your lawn needs:  With the major drought we had this year, it's super important not to neglect your lawn this fall.  Rake the dead grass, set aside, then sow new grass seed and cover the fresh seed with the dead grass.  The dead grass will act as straw and retain soil moisture and reduce the amount of fresh seed eaten by animals.
  • Check for moisture in the basement:  Duct-tape a garbage bag to the basement floor for 24 hours.  If you can see the outline of the bag when you take it up, then there's moisture coming through the conrete.  Many times this means that the gutters are overflowing, causing the water to go where it doesn't belong.  This can be resolved by cleaning your gutters and installing downspout extensions. 

For extra tips and ways to protect your home this season, check out this website!


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