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1.)  Color your world:  Scared to try out a bold paint color?  Play out a new palette in your guest room.  Guest rooms aren't used daily, so they're a great place to be more adventurous with color.  Try a brighter color this season!

2.)  Flora and fauna:  Fill a ceramic bowl with lemons and leave them on your kitchen counter.  Go to the local nursery and buy bulbs to pot indoors- your home will smell amazing in just a couple weeks' time.  Cut some forsythia sprays or apple brances off your trees in the yard, stick them in a vase of warm water, and let them bloom in your living room. 

3.)  Brighten up:  Introduce bright colors and warm-weather floral patterns to a living space or bedroom with new throw pillows or area rugs.  You could also spruce up your window treatments with sheer curtains that will allow for more natural light.  

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