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This Week in Indy

Indy 500 2014: Top Drivers to Watch at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

May 21, 2014

Indy 500 2014: Top Drivers to Watch at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Last Sunday's Fast Nine qualifying event set the bar high with a highly contested battle for the first position. Ed Carpenter ultimately won for the second straight season, setting up an intriguing starting grid for the big race's 98th running.

Here are the top grid position slotted for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend along with a look at some of the marquee names to watch.

2014 Indianapolis 500 Fast Nine Starting Grid
Position Driver Lap Average
1 Ed Carpenter 231.067
2 James Hinchcliffe 230.839
3 Will Power 230.697
4 Helio Castroneves 230.649
5 Simon Pagenaud 230.614
6 Marco Andretti 230.544
7 Carlos Munoz 230.146
8 Josef Newgarden 229.893
9 JR Hildebrand 228.726

Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers
Series against the Wizards tied 1-1
Game 2, Final - yesterday, 7:00 PM
Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana

Top 3 Ways to Freshen your Home this Spring

1.)  Color your world:  Scared to try out a bold paint color?  Play out a new palette in your guest room.  Guest rooms aren't used daily, so they're a great place to be more adventurous with color.  Try a brighter color this season!

2.)  Flora and fauna:  Fill a ceramic bowl with lemons and leave them on your kitchen counter.  Go to the local nursery and buy bulbs to pot indoors- your home will smell amazing in just a couple weeks' time.  Cut some forsythia sprays or apple brances off your trees in the yard, stick them in a vase of warm water, and let them bloom in your living room. 

3.)  Brighten up:  Introduce bright colors and warm-weather floral patterns to a living space or bedroom with new throw pillows or area rugs.  You could also spruce up your window treatments with sheer curtains that will allow for more natural light.  

10 Ways to Add Value to your Home

1.)  Spruce up the siding:  Here's your chance to make a great first impression.  If your siding is in bad shape, your home will likely earn the title of fixer-upper.  You can usually judge a book by its cover, so old siding sets the tone for expectations of what potential buyers will find inside.  Try adding curb appeal and lower maintenance with composite siding.  Cement boarding is efficient, it lasts, and it's no maintenance. 

2.)  Invest in a kitchen remodel:  Having the same old tired kitchen in a 1978 house is likely to stop a home from selling.  If you have the yardage, extend your kitchen into the backyard.  Size really matters when it comes to kitchens- the bigger the better!  It won't be cheap, but it will be a great investment.  It could be the difference between being able to sell or not in a tighter market.

3.)  Create or renovate a master suite:  Master suites aren't just a luxury anymore- they're an expected feature.  On average, 33% of home buyers are more than likely to buy a home that has recently been renovated.  If you can work within the footprint of your house, you're going to increase your return on investment.  When buyers walk into a master suite, they want to see a cozy open space with a nice closet.  Always try to squeeze in every bit of stroage space you can. 

4.)  Refurbish the basement:  A lot of basements are plain, empty, and unused spaces that rarely see any visitors.  Don't let all that space go to waste!  Create an entertainment area that will wow your guests.  Adding a bar area, seating, and beatiful finishes will add character and value to your home.  

5.)  Remodel your bathroom:  Transform an ugly duckling into a swan of a master bath by finding more space, but not with an addition.  Stealing space can be a better solution if you can find the extra square footage.  Open up a closet to create more room, make separate his-and-her areas with separate sinks, or add a skylight to bring in natural light.  Updating the tub and tile are also great ideas.  

6.)  Liven up the landscaping:  Turn your landscape into a destination hot spot with plenty of seating, elegant water features, and lush plants.  You could even add extra square footage for entertaining by laying a brick or paver patio.  

7.)  Get a new roof:  A shabby roof leaves a first impression that the current homeowners do not take good care of the place.  If the roof is plain, flat and turning green in the corners, people will look at it and see major problems that could be showing inside the home, too.  From a purely aesthetic standpoint, a new roof that is architecturally interesting can only be a plus. 

8.)  Add another bath:  There is no such thing as too many bathrooms.  If your home has fewer faucets than beds, you might want to consider adding a bathroom.  A basement is typically a great place to add an extra bath.

9.)  Paint, paint, paint:  Don't be afraid of paint.  It is one of the easiest and least expensive things to do to dramatically change the look of your home.  Here are some tips: If you are not sure about your color sense, think classic and neutral.  A future buyer needs to be able to picture their things in the room, and too much personalization can prevent that.  If your painting skills are below par, hire somebody.  In the end, it evens out because nothing is worse than a bad paint job.  

10.)  Update the home office:  More and more people are working out of their homes these days.  Turn an unused den or an old office into an inviting work space with new windows, a fresh coat of paint, and built-in shelving.  

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is FINALLY in the air, which means it's time to start thinking about getting your home in shape from the harsh winter we've had.  From the interiors to the exterior, getting your home ready for spring will ensure you'll be ready to enjoy the warm weather once it hits.  Space out your maintenance tips and by the time spring is here, you'll be able to truly enjoy the season!

Start with the exterior:  The outside of your home has taken more wear and tear from the harsh winter season then the interior has, so start here.  Walk around your home and examine caulking and weather stripping around windows & doors.  Replace old or cracking caulk and weather stripping so ensure energy efficiency.  Inspect the roof for broken or missing shingles, and clean out gutters and downspouts.  

Landscaping tips:  While it may not be time for you to start planting flowers and watering the lawn, it isn't too early to replace cracked garden hoses, or rake away leaves, tree limbs, and debris from your sidewalks.  It's also a great time to start planning out your spring landscaping ideas and lawn care maintenance regimen.  Pressure wash concrete and paver areas that have become dirty and power wash vinyl siding, brick walls & vertical surfaces, if necessary. 

Check your interior systems:  The fall and spring are the two most important times to review your home's HVAC system.  Right before the harsh climatic changes are going to occur.  Ensure filters have been replaced or cleaned, and stock up on new air filters if you use disposable ones.  Check your A/C before summer to ensure it's in good working order.  If you need to have a service professional look at it now, it'll be a lot less expensive than 3 months from now. 

Interior spring cleaning:  By now your windows could use a good cleaning.  You will be surprised how much light will flood your home once your windows are cleaned.  Clean off ceiling fans, and clean out fireplaces from use over the winter.  Test your emergency systems in your home: smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide alarms, to ensure they're working properly.  Most home owners forget to test these regularly; fall and spring maintenance time is a perfect opportunity to ensure everything is in order. 

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